Benefits of using a VPN

What are advantages of using a VPN ? Why should you use a VPN service ? The answer is simple: because you can improve your online anonymity, hide your IP address and encrypt all the network traffic, so your online activity is protected from prying eyes. Let’s make a list of why using a VPN service is really a must for most of the Internet user:

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Main VPN Benefits

  • Improve your online anonymity
  • Encrypt and secure your online sessions
  • Encrypt all the network traffic
  • Easily change your real IP address
  • Switch virtual country in just few clicks
  • Unblock access to all blocked websites
  • Access US-only TV services like Netflix
  • Bypass website country restrictions
  • Download torrents anonymously
  • Effectively hide your IP address online
  • Protect your online activity
  • Almost unlimited bandwidth usage
  • Browse websites even faster
  • Support Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Much much more…