Non-US VPN Providers List

For the more paranoid users we have created a list of the best non US-based VPN providers. As you know, after Edward Snowden has leaked some important documents that describe the NSA spying program, many users are looking to get VPN providers that operate outside of the US jurisdiction. So here it is, the list of the best non-US VPN providers:

VPN Provider Location Price
HideMyAss VPN United Kingdom $9.99 /Month
NordVPN Panama $4.00 /Month
Perfect Privacy VPN Panama €10.41 /Month
AirVPN Italy €4.50 /Month
Mullvad VPN Sweden €5.00 /Month
Unblock-Us VPN Barbados $4.99 /Month
BlackVPN Hong Kong €9.50 /Month
Cryptostorm VPN Iceland $6.70 /Month
SaferVPN Israel $5.99 /Month Malaysia $5.42 /Month